Letter paper swap

Hello everyone!

I posted this in my instagram, so if anyone is interested, leave a comment! 🙂

I had this idea of doing a letter paper swap. I found the idea in a facebook group and thought I’d would be cool to do that. So the idea would be I would prepare an envelope with letter paper (A5 and bigger, all kinds of designs: kawaii, nature, animals, classics, diddl,…) and pass it on to the next person who is interested. Then you pick out the paper you like and put the same amount of paper you took out in there from your collection. You put everything in a new envelope and send it to the next person who is interested. I was wondering if anyone would like to do that? Just leave a comment if you are interested. It would be an international swap. 📔😊✉



Really long time no see! and outgoing mail

Happy really belated 2015!

It’s a long, long while ago since my last post and I don’t have any acceptable reasons why BUT I’m really sorry. As most of us I was busy with Christmas and work/school but in the end I just didn’t feel like writing a post. Easy like that. I think everybody gets to the point when you just need a break from something. And so it was for me.

Another reason why I just didn’t post anything is because I’m not so happy with what my blog looks/is like now. I wish to have a renovation and just try out like a new design or at least some little things that  change. Well, well, I’ll see what I can do.

And some exciting news: I got instagram! My name there is : letteraddicted. It’s all about snail mail and mail supplies. I’m not sure yet what I think about it because normally I’m a talkative person, so I prefer blogs like this.

And now some outgoing from the last couple of months! (Sorry for the bad quality!)







So many outgoing letters!

Starting another post with outgoing letters BUT my mail box is so empty the last week(s), no incoming mail to show. 😦

I promise I’ll do a post with incoming mail if I get some the next weeks!

A letter out to my dear Alex in Russia


Waltz out for Angela in Canada


As Halloween is super close, this letter knocks on the door of Erin, in the U.S


One out to the lovely Katia in Poland


A letter out to my first penpal I’ve ever had (since 2011), Kristyna in the Czech Republic


A children book envelope for Mary in England


This one is for my dear Megan in Australia


A postcard for Pei-Hsuan


Some kawaii for Rachel in England


A letter for Tracy in China


To Vanessa in Germany


And finally a letter to Maayan in Israel


Flower power and Hello Kitty travel around the world (Outgoing mail)

Good afternoon to everyone!

Yep, it’s another outgoing letters – post. I just forget to scan all the incoming ones..oups! but I try to improve myself, so I can show you some of my incoming mail!

Flower-power for Eliza in Poland


This letter is for Erika in the U.S


I tried to do some mail art and that’s one of the results. What do you think? It’s for Juli in the U.S too


A Hello Kitty on it’s way to Maayan in Israel


A letter for Mary in England


I keep my fingers crossed that this letter will reach Nour in Tunisia soon, we had some troubles with not getting each others letters:(


A fall letter for Theresa in Austria


And last but not least mail for Yuying in Taiwan


Colourful leaves are falling on my head, they keep falling (Outgoing letters)

With the beginning of fall I’m also back hear to show some of my outgoing mail.

There’s not much action in my mail box lately:( probably because of the school / university beginning who keeps everyone busy.

Fall hedgehogs for Angela in Canada

Angela D._3

And what would fall be without some colourful leaves? These ones are going out for Angela (yes, Angela Number 2 :D) in Singapore


Some cuteness for my Swiss friend Christina


Mail for Eliza in Poland


Happy Birthday Card to Juli in the U.S


Belated summer sea animals for dear Mary in England


Another fall themed letter for Rachel, also living in England


And finally a simple letter for Rhema in the U.S


Bicycles, butterflies and birds

A pile of outgoing to show:

Have a good beginning in the new week everybody!

A birthday card for Karina in Belarus


Bicycle driving persons for Eileen in the Philippines


This elegant peacock for my penpal Erin in New Jersey, U.S


This flowers are also heading to the U.S, for Juli this time


This cuties for Kristyna in the Czech Republic


A vintage butterfly themed envelope is heading to Magali in Canada


A big meow! for Mary in England


And finally some farm animals for Megan in Australia